New Momentum version: v2022-09-21

Announcing v2022-09-21 of Momentum!

Enhancements to the API

  • A more intuitive transfers API request - simply tell us where you want the money pulled from by populating source and where you want the money sent by populating destination. Learn more.

  • Clearer reference_id fields. The field has been updated to be more specific and align with resource types:

    • customer_reference_id for persons or businesses.
    • transfer_reference_id for transfers.
    • account_reference_id for external accounts.
  • Special characters in names – Orum now allows special characters for all fields that end in _name on Person, Business and External Account resources.

  • Transfer status reasons – A new status_reason object in transfers webhooks provides context behind a transfer’s failure, allowing you to triage any failed transfers independently and quickly. Learn more.

  • Person status reasons – A new status_reason object in persons webhooks provides information on why a person failed verification checks, giving you the ability to update missing/incorrect information and re-verify the person. Learn more

  • Estimated funds delivery date – A new estimated_funds_delivery_date field in transfers webhooks provides the date that Orum anticipates funds to be delivered to the destination account, allowing you to create an informed end-user experience. Learn more.