Instant Rail Eligibility


With Orum's Instant Rail Eligibility endpoint, you can find out whether one or more routing numbers are eligible to receive instant RTP push payments. The endpoint can be leveraged to check the RTP eligibility status of up to 1,000 routing numbers per API request.

Using the Instant Rail Eligibility Endpoint

Knowing whether your customers are RTP eligible allows you to tailor their payment experiences in your web or mobile application. This endpoint can be called at any point in your flow - for example, when a user onboards (you can store the information received in the response), or at the moment in which a user is withdrawing money from your platform.

In the scenario where a user begins a withdrawal, disbursement, or payout process, you can call the Instant Rail Eligibility endpoint to determine if that given user’s bank account will be eligible for instant payouts (via RTP). If the routing number is eligible, you can consider offering an "instant withdrawal" option for that user.

Additionally, if you have a list of routing numbers that is representative of your user base, you can call the API to help you gauge what percentage of your user base is RTP eligible, and will therefore benefit from faster payments.

Orum is always keeping track of which routing numbers are eligible for RTP, so you do not have to maintain an eligibility list on your end.


Testing in Sandbox:

The Instant Rail Eligibility endpoint will work similarly in sandbox to the way it works in production. The endpoint can be called at any point during your user journey, as it is not dependent on the creation of an account, person, or business.

In sandbox, we recommend testing with these routing numbers to mimic the potential responses that you might receive in production:

Expected Eligibility ResponseSample Routing Numbers

Testing in Production:

Many customers like to conduct production testing before going live. If you want to know which of the accounts you are testing with have RTP eligible routing numbers, you can call this endpoint to determine which accounts will be best suited to test RTP transfers.


ErrorAPI Response
At least one routing number was not 9 digits (either too few or too many)400 invalid_body: routingNumbers: the length must be exactly 9
Number of routing numbers exceeded the limit of 1,000 RTNs per request400 invalid_body: routingNumbers: the length must be between 1 and 1000
At least one routing number contained invalid characters (e.g. letters, punctuation)Response on specific routing number will return as "false"


Request Body:

    "routing_numbers": ["011000138","011000206","555555555"]

Response Body:

           "routing_number": "011000138",
           "eligible": true
           "routing_number": "011000206",
           "eligible": true
           "routing_number": "555555555",
           "eligible": false