Transfer Statuses

In Momentum, a transfer can have one of the following statuses, indicated by the status field.

  • Created - A transfer was created.
  • Pending - A transfer is currently being processed by Orum.
  • Completed - A transfer request has been submitted to the payments network. This does not necessarily indicate the successful delivery of funds to the customer. Use the estimated funds delivery date to know when the funds will land in the destination account.
  • Failed - A transfer failed. The failure could have occurred either in Orum's system or at the processor. Refer to the status reason for more information.

The diagram below shows how a transfer can move through the above statuses. Note that a transfer can move from Completed to Failed if it was sent on the ACH network and a return occurs. To learn more about why a transfer is in the Failed state, refer to the status_reason field in the API response.