Current Version

The current Momentum version is v2022-09-21. v2021-10-01 is deprecated.

To specify the version, set the version in the custom header: Orum-Version: v2022-09-21.

Orum releases new API versions when breaking, backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API. Backwards-compatible changes will be announced in the Changelog but will not prompt a new API version.

Non-breaking changes include:

  • Adding new API endpoints.
  • Adding new optional parameters or fields to API requests.
  • Adding new fields to API or webhook responses.
  • Adding new webhook event_types.
  • Adding new enums.
  • Changing the message field in Error responses.
  • Updating request fields or query parameters to be optional instead of required.
  • Adding new REST methods to existing endpoints.

Breaking changes include:

  • Removing an endpoint.
  • Adding new required request fields, parameters or headers to an endpoint.
  • Removing or changing response fields.
  • Adding new validation rules to request fields or parameters.
  • Updating request fields or query parameters to be required instead of optional.