Obtain API Keys and Credentials to get started with Momentum APIs.


Orum’s Authentication API requires users to create and manage both an API Key and API Credentials to generate an auth token. Users can create and manage API Keys and API Credentials within the Orum Portal. See below for steps on how to obtain API Keys and API Credentials to generate an Auth token:


The API key is sent within the header of every Orum API call. This key can generated within the Orum Portal within the “API Authentication” tab - as seen below, under the “API Keys” header:

API Credentials

API Credentials are specified within the body of the Orum Auth API call. These credentials can now be created and rotated within the “API Credentials” header of the “API Authentication” tab. See screenshots below for the full flow:

Note: These credentials are NOT connected to your portal login/password. They are created and to be managed separately.
Note: These credentials are not needed for any other API call - they are only used to generate an auth token.