Transfer funds off of your platform to the external checking or savings accounts of your customers.



Set up your sandbox enterprise account


This use case enables a customer to move money off of your platform and into an external checking or savings account. The customer's external account will be the funding destination.


Key Steps

1. Authenticate to Momentum

Use the authenticate and refresh endpoints.

2. Create a customer and associated external account, which will be the funding destination

Use the POST /persons or POST /businesses endpoint to create the customer and the POST /external/accounts endpoint to create the external account.

  • The external account can be created while verification is occurring
  • If you are using your own account verification provider (BYO-AVS), the external account will be automatically verified

3. Transfer funds to the destination

Use the POST /transfers endpoint to create the transfer.

  • All Persons or Businesses and External Accounts must be in a verified state before the transfer can be created
  • Do not pass the source object to the Transfers API. By passing only the destination, Momentum understands that the transfer is a payout and will pull funds from the FBO balance